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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


MARY O'HERN....Prefect
MARIAN VOLGER.....Vice-Prefect
ANNE SPELLMAN.....Secretary
MARGARET WELSH.....Treasurer
The Sodality of Our Lady is the largest organization at Marycrest. It is also one
of the most active. There are five Committees upon which a sodalite may serve;
Catholic Truth Committee, Eucharistic Committee, Apostolic Committee, Our Lady's
Committee or the Publicity Committee. Sister Marie Clemente is the spiritual director of this group. The various committees have at different times sponsored open
meetings which have been very interesting to the whole student body.
The primary object of the Sodality is, of course, increased devotion to Our Lord,
through his Blessed Mother. Therefore, the Sodality maintains a bulletin board near
the library, on which are posted various items of religious import. During Lent, there
was community recitation of the Rosary every Friday. Other projects of the Sodality
included a luncheon in January, a display during Catholic Book Week and the sending of a representative to the S. S. C. A. in Chicago.
The Marycrest Sodality Is affiliated with the Sodality of Our Lady at Rome.
Top Row- Taylor, Seriac, Brady, Auld, Morrissey, Sperling, Kladt, L., Rubbenkamp, Geyer, Laudman, Clark, Rauch, Rappenker, Kladt, R., Banks, H., Maher, Heimes, Caughlin, Misgaites. Third Row- Haehn, Kennedy, Carlin, Durkin, Collins, Madsen, Lyons, Bishop, Resitraffer, Hunter, Schradell, Schultz. Second Row- Shay, Riley, Kieffer, Dalton, Diericks, Valger, O'Hara, Jung, Duggan, Welsh, Spellman, Tiernay, Jackson, Rasmussen, Harst, Walsh, Wall, Srankuias. Front Row- Hubbard, Neimann, Noonan, Conroyd, Doering, Bragdon, Banks, D., Allen, Schmidt, Rauenbuehler, Steneus.




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