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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


"Music hath charms" and indeed it does at Marycrest. Here we love to sing, to
play, and to understand the methods and the works of the different composers. Marycrest boasts a very active choral club, two double trios, and a string ensemble. In
addition, many students are enrolled in the courses of harmony, piano, violin, and
voice study, etc. We have many talented soloists, who have been heard on numerous
occasions. The choral club has presented two concerts, both highly successful, The
double trio was so popular during its first year that a second one was organized. The
string ensemble is also rapidly becoming a polished group, under the direction of
Vivian Kuhl McCarthy. Many students are also members of the St. Ambrose-Mary-
crest orchestra. Marycrest is indeed musically inclined.
Standing, left to right—Steneus, Kiefer, Bragdon, Timmerman, Jung, L. Kladt, Spellman, Morrissey, Taylor, Shay.
Seated—McDonnell, Wall, Caughlin, Lenard, Maybach, Thordsen, Hubbard, Hinds, Kennedy, Tiernav. O'Hara, B. Smith.




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