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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


use of a double female cast—one for Sunday and one for Monday night. Phyllis
Hubbard, who is well known for her dramatic work, played the role of Sister Christina
in the first performance, while Dorothy Thordsen, of Villa fame, appeared on the
second occasion. Others who worked with Miss Hubbard were Mary Gwyn McDonnell, Louise Klodt, Mary Kieffer, Patricia O'Hara, and Jeanette Crespin. Those
appearing with Miss Thordsen were Frances Hinds, Rosemary Timmerman, Patricia
Leonard, Betty Coughlin and Jacqueline Boquet. Members of the Ambrosian
Players formed the male cast, and contributed to the complete success of the play.
They were Bob Schnell, Bob Motto, Charles Harris, Jack Kerns, Dan Rafferty, and
Joe Morrissey. Charles Costello, who is in charge of dramatics at Marycrest and
St. Ambrose, directed the play.




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