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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


The secretarial science department at Marycrest is one of the most popular. Here
courses are offered in typing and shorthand, as well as accounting. Students are
given an opportunity to learn the use of the various office machines, and work in a
well-equipped office. In addition, they may obtain office practice through the cooperation of local business men and personnel managers. Special courses are offered
in business ethics and law, and as an added attraction for those who are interested
in another field, medical shorthand is available. Such a course is not possible at
many colleges today but because of the growing need for trained workers in every
field, and the increasing demand for better secretaries, work of this type would
be invaluable.
Library science is also a popular course at Marycrest. Under the direction of Sister
Mary Germaine, students are given an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of library operation, of reference, cataloging and classifying, and administration. They
learn something of the ethics involved and the methods used in teaching the use of
books to pupils at different age levels. The Marycrest library is, of course, available
to the members of the classes for study and laboratory work.




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