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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


For the second consecutive year, the
Ramblers have emerged as the Intramural
basketball champs. Even though the
Ramblers did have the best team in the
league, they were threatened at various
points for the leadership. The "big boys"
had a record of eieven wins against one
defeat, the only set-back coming from the
mediocre Missellaneous Consolidated outfit. Bob Sheridan led the team in scoring
with 131 points with "Red" Hoogerwerf
close behind with 112. The other squad
members were potentially defensive men.
While the Ramblers were copping the
championship, the Irish Villagers showed
their ability in the single elimination tournament. Displaying a good team throughout, the Village just didn't have the punch
to be a consistent winner. But they found
themselves in the fourney and by their
hard fought contests were able to reach
the finals and defeat the highly touted Ecclesiastics for the crown. Bob Livingston,
John Kamerick and "Ears" Lenehan were
the mainstays on the Village five.
During the varsity football season freshmen were looked upon as just a "thing"
around the campus. But as the intramural
football league swung into action, the up-
perclassmen were forced to sit up and
take notice of the "Green Tops", the
champions. Led by diminutive Jimmy
Franklin, the freshman team had a well
balanced unit and with the Condon to
Conroy passing combination clicking every game, they were able to compile an
undefeated record in eight starts.




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