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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


STEVE HART Vice-President JAMES NIEDERGESSES Secretary-Treasurer DICK SCHWAB Business Manager

The debate club at St. Ambrose was reorganized this year under the leadership of
the Reverend Francis E. Marlin, its new faculty advisor. A completely new constitution was written and adopted and the official name of the club was changed to the
'Saint Ambrose Debaters' Fraternity'.
The purpose of the club is to stimulate Interest both within St. Ambrose College
and throughout the Diocese of Davenport in all forensic activities. It gives practical
experience in argumentation and debate to the students who desire to participate
in these fields.
Members hold weekly meetings to discuss debate material, business of the club and
ro actually participate in debating among themselves. Inter-collegiate debates are
also to be scheduled with various colleges. Due to lack of experience, no inter-collegiate debates were held this year. However, according to Father Marlin, there
will definitely be an inter-collegiate program next year.
With the basic work done and some experience gained among the members themselves this year, the club promises to become one of the most beneficial extra-curricular activities on the campus. REVEREND FRANCIS MARLIN
Maas, Niedergesses
Parrish, Karn




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