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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Since its organization in 1926, the Science Club of St. Ambrose College has been
one of the more active of the many organizations on the campus. Through the generous donation of time and effort on the part of the officers, the faculty advisor, and
me science students, as a whole, the club has been able to do what it has for the
College and its individual members.
Fundamentally the purpose of this organization is to supplement the knowledge of
students in biology, chemistry, and physics, and mathematics, which they learn from
lectures and laboratory work with pertinent lectures and demonstrations so that the
members may become acquainted with the work that is being done in scientific fields
by graduate brethren. So that this end might be accomplished, the members of the
science club each Monday throughout the entire school year to hear a lecture and to
witness a demonstration given by one of its fellow members or some outside speaker
of the industrial or scientific world.
During the past year the presidency was held by Harvey Matthiesen, who supervised the program of the club and saw to it that it coincided with the purpose of the
club. Thomas Quilty occupied the place of vice-preisdent and Wayne Meinhardt performed the duties of secretary and treasurer. Dr. Harvalick, the faculty advisor, with
his many worthwhile suggestions did much to make the program a success.
Although the members of this organization are all following scientific courses which
require so much time spent in laboratory and in outside work, they, as individual and
as members of the club, have been only too good to cooperate with the various
other organizations on the campus to make the homecoming each year a huge success.
Top- Meinhardt, Kutsunis, Franke, Matthiesen, VanWeltzinger, O'Connor, McDonnell, Mulvaney, Kendall, Rueve, Cluskey
DR. HARVALICK Faculty Advisor




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803