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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


AMBROSIAN QUARTET Eiselein, Livingston, Weeg, Mulvaney
The Ambrosian Quartette was formed for the first time three years ago when requests came pouring in for the college Glee Club to present selections at various
functions where it was impractical to prepare a program using the entire chorus.
The original foursome was so well received by the public that the following year, the
second such group was formed. In this issue is pictured the third edition of the
Quartette which is presently composed of Bob Livingston,- first tenor; Gene Eiseiein,
second tenor; John Mulvaney, baritone; Ed Weeg, bass. As has been customary, it
has been a very busy year for these vocalists, and their appearances have been before
many civic groups, as well as gatherings of the students. The Quartette has also
been heard over Mutual, Columbia, and NBC-Blue network outlets.
Of rhe instrumental groups at the college, the Band is probably the most active.
This was well evidenced in the color it lent to the football and basketball games and
pep meetings. Under the capable leadership of Rev. E. M. Catich, this musical
organization has enjoyed remarkable progress in the past year. Though the number
of members has not multiplied satisfactorily, the quality of its renditions and the
popularity of its appearances have increased considerably. An innovation this year
was the band's rendition of many of the popular tunes of yesteryear arranged especially for the band by its director.




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