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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Top Row- Rice, Heimes, Monnier, Rohner, VanWeltzinga. Fourth Row- Hickey, Fr. Catich, Wilson, Franey. Third Row- E. Burke, Harmon, Gaffney, Schierbrock, O. Mack. Second Row- Lumbrazo, Eiselein, Ludtke, E. Motto, Wilkin. Front Row- Kern, Hopkins, Paustion, Moser, Brus, Mulvaney.
Director of the Band

The current school year has witnessed unsurpassed progress in the field of music
at St. Ambrose. As a result of the unceasing labors of the Rev. C. P. Madsen, the
Director of the Department of Music, heretofore unattainable heights have been
reached. Moreover, the department was most fortunate in obtaining the invaluable
services of a master of his profession, Professor Robert Hernried of Vienna, Austria.
In reviewing the current musical organizations of the campus and their functions,
for your convenience they have been divided into three main classes: Vocal, Instrumental, and Theoretical.
More than fifty students have regularly attended the thrice-weekly
practices of the Choral Club, and as a result have produced a
smooth-working organization. The purposes of this group are to
provide a choir for the High Mass, furnish entertainment for the
entire student body at programs and other functions, and to represent the college in musical circles locally and throughout the state.




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