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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Shadow and Substance
The season drew to a close with a
tremendous dramatic crescendo on the
Ambrosian Stage with the presentation
of Vincent Caroll's "Shadow and Substance."
The excellent cast was headed by
the two veteran dramatic stars of our
stage, Phyllis Hubbard and Hank Higgins. Higgins, who was forced to exert
all of his talents, came out on top. He
had to speak more lines than Hamlet,
but his was an altogether different medium of expression. Difficult, hard, unreasonable and stubborn Cannon, and
Higgins played it with all he had and
brought the curtain down on a fitting close to his wonderful and varied dramatic experience on the Ambrosian
Phyllis Hubbard gave the finest performance of her career. The role of Bridget was the most difficult of
all, but she handled it with considerable ease. Pathetic, lovable, and emotional mix-up was lovely Bridget. It
is a tough performance for the best of dramatic actresses and on this particular night, Phyllis was as good as any.
Hubbard and Higgins. The two leads in the best of the last two years' plays. Each as different dramatically as they are emotionally; but the tops in their particular style.
The show was stolen by Charles Higgins. Francis was about the funniest character we have
seen so far. Nervous, excited and without a mind of his own. The future is bright for
him, Charlie Higgins.
Unsympathetic Barbara Martin, petite Genevieve Kennedy, and excellent
Dorothy Thorgsen were finest dramatic support that any actor can
have. They fitted* perfectly into their roles.
Joseph Morrissey, Jack Murray and Jack Kern were almost perfect in their interpretations.
And with tremendous applause thundering up
to the players, tired but extremely
happy, the curtain down for the
last time this year on the
Ambrosian Theatre.




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