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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Spreading the News
Time: Present Place: The Irish countrysid
Magistrate..... ROBERT BERGER
Jo Muldoon (a policeman) . CHARLES HARRIS
Mrs. Tarpey .... BARBARA MARTIN
Bartley Fallon . . . JOSEPH MORRISSEY
Mrs. Fallon .... DOROTHY MILLER
Jack Smith ..... HENRY HIGGINS
Tim Casey .....ROBERT MOTTO
Shawn Early .....ROBERT WITTE
Mrs. Tully..... RITA WALL
James Ryan ..... JOSEPH LACESA
Italian Salad ..... St. Ambrose College Quartett
Lo! How a Rose E'er Blooming
St. Ambrose College Quartette

This was the third play of Father Marlin's festival. It was a delightful, witty parody on the famous
reputation the Irish have for talking.
The celebrated cast was' headed by Henry Higgins, vice-president of the dramatic society. Higgins, in anger, shook a finger at a friend and three hours later, due to Irish talk, he was accused of
Barbara Martin played the comicai, deaf apple-woman; Joe LaCesa was the only member of the
cast who looked as if he had been transplanted from the shores of Ireland.
Rita Wall Bob Witte and Bob Motto as gibbering Irish people kept the audiences in joyful mood.
Dorothy Miller, Joe Morrissey, Charles Harris and Robert Berger were excellent as minor supporting players. This play, by all odds, deserves the title of "Comedy of the year". It had everything, in
cast and content, to send an audiences away glowing with delight.
This play, "Dust of the Road" by Kenneth Goodman, had more drama in one act than most of
the present-day plays have in ten. It has, in the words of Father Marlin, "the most powerful and dramatic lines of any play I have read."
Daniel Rafferty rose to unexcelled heights with his interpretation of the timeless vagabond, "Judas
of Iscariot." Punching, and socking the audience with every word he spoke, he kept them continually
on the edge of their seats, not knowing what would happen next, but already anticipating the dramatic
Mary Kieffer was so hard that shivers of fear and dislike ran up and down our backs. Seldom
has the Ambrosian Stage seen such feminine cruelness.
Ted Lehmann as the weakling husband was so weak and spinless that he was almost repulsive to
the audience.
Shiftless John Kern, the grandfather, was played to perfection.
Dust of the Road
Time: Present Place: The Steele living room
Peter Steele ..... TED LEHMANN
Prudence Steele .... MARY KIEFFER
The Uncle ..... JOHN KERN




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