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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Radio Production Class
Flynn, Kern, Jacobs, Fr. Williams, Kough, Mullen, LaCesa, Gabriel,
Farrell, O'Malley, Rafferty, Quinn
Three courses are now on the schedule, the first—"Radio Program Production"—is a two-hour
course dealing with the detailed planning and analysis of radio programs, including the production of
educational, dramatic, news, variety, and special radio feature programs. Instruction is also given in
the techniques of announcing. The second course is entitled "Radio Writing" and as the name implies,
teaches the methods of writing script and continuity for programs, the adapting of stage plays and
short stories for airwave presentation. The third course is primarily for those contemplating radio
engineering positions and is called "Radio and Television". It includes instruction and laboratory work
in building of radio and television sets.
The first two courses are under the direction of the Rev. Professor Frank Williams, C. S, V., while
the "Radio and Television" course is taught by Dr. Zaboj Harvalik, formerly of the University of Prague.
The Radio Guild was fortunate in having its own orchestra tc piay on various programs throughout
the school year. The orchestra also furnished the music at general social events of the Guild held at
Marycrest and at St. Ambrose during the early spring months. It was directed by Frank Sweeney.

Top Row—Cummerford, Gaffney, Fernero, Mulvaney, Hickey, Sweeney.
Front Row—Burke, Harmon, Motto, Heimes, Capraro.




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