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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


weekly column concerning various broadcasts was written by a member of the publicity committee and published in the
"Catholic Messenger" and the "Ambrosian
News". "The Crest" also published news
concerning the guild in its columns. James
T. Quinn of Ottumwa headed the St. Ambrose committee and had as coworkers,
Joe La Cesa, Joe Hines, and Charles Harris.
Rita Klodt of Ottumwa was chairmiss of
the Marycrest publicity committee and included on her staff Miriam Duggan, Patty
Leonard, Mary G. McDonnell, Mary Niemann, Patty O'Hara and Johanna Young.
The Historians for the Radio Guild gathered and filed clippings, pictures, and articles concerning the Radio Guild's activities from newspapers and magazines. The
St. Ambrose Historian was Gregory Jacobs
of Billings, Montana, and the Marycrest
Historians were Rosemary Timmerman and
Eleanor Jackson.
St. Ambrose is one of the few colleges
to offer courses in the radio field. Regular
courses for credit are on the curriculum
and special work in radio may be arranged
for those contemplating radio positions
after college.




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