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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Standing left to right — Schmidt, Kern, Jacobs, Young.
Sec.Tea—LaCesa, Kennedy, Hennessey, L. Kledt, Jung.
Very important committees in the Guild were the two dealing with production.
Ben Kough; Moline, III., headed the St. Ambrose branch and had as his assistants, Den
Rafferty, Paul Hennessey, Joe Julius, Gus Gabriel, Bro. Dan Lavelle, C. S. V., and
Bernard La Pointe. Helping Phyllis Hubbard, Davenport, the Marycrest Production
chairmiss, were Genevieve Kennedy, Charlotte Schmidt, and Eleanor Jackson. The
Production committees worked with Fr. Williams in the producing and arranging of
the different broadcasts put on throughout the year. Four half hour broadcasts were
put on over WOC regularly each week, and from time to time extra broadcasts were
put on over the same station. Instances of special broadcasts were: a six week series
of transcribed addresses by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen during March and
April, broadcasts of games and interviews with athletic officials, music from important college dances, broadcasts from college banquets, and from most of the events
of homecoming.
The production committees were also very active In arranging the remote control
programs put on over WOC from the Youth Conference at DeWitt, Iowa, and the
special inaugural broadcast from KBIZ in Ottumwa.
The regular broadcasts were heard every evening, Monday through Thursday. The
Monday programs were put on entirely by the Radio Guild. The Rev. C. P. Madsen,
Professor of Music and associate in the Radio department, had charge of the Tuesday
and Wednesday programs entitled "Among the Masters" dealing with the best in
music. The Thursday presentations were sponsored by the various departments of
the two colleges in collaboration with the Guild.
Outstanding musical programs were organized and broadcast successfully by the
Music Committee. The personnel of the committee were Estella Rue Bragg, of Ottumwa, chairmiss, Mary Kieffer, Marlowe Linke, Catherine Ann Ruppenkamp, Johanna
Young, Eleanor Daniels, Mary Elaine Lyons, Rosa Lee Shay, Martha Baxter, Mary Kay
Tierney, and Rita Klodt. Members of this committee and other musical performers
were listed as to vocal, instrumental, and group material abilities.
The two publicity committees were probably the most active of all the committees
and undertook and accomplished a vast campaign throughout the nation to publicize
the activities of the Guild. Items concerning the Guild were printed in over fifty
newspapers ranging in size from newspapers with circulations such as The Chicago
Tribune and Denver Register to the-Canton Repository and the Milford Mail. A




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