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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Three years ago St. Ambrose College of the Air had its origin. Programs were
presented weekly from the large music studio on the top floor of venerable Ambrose
Hall. The music studio was improvised into a radio studio by the addition of hanging drapes. Radio Station WOC brought portable equipment to broadcast the
The Rev. C. P. Madsen directed the first year's radio activities. James Dower
(now head sports announcer of WSUI) was the first student announcer. Dower was
followed the next year by Paul Kammerick.
In September, 1939, the Radio Guild began its existence under the direction of the
Rev. Frank Williams, C. S. V., who before becoming a cleric of St. Viator was associated with the production staffs of both NBC and CBS. The studio was lined with
acoustical material, an engineer's booth erected with all new transmitting equipment,
and the entire studio transformed into one of the most elaborate radio studios in the
Midwest. The announcing staff was expanded in 1939-40 to three members, Frank
Sweeney, Bloomington, III., Dan Rafferty, Chicago, and James Quinn, Ottumwa. Joe
Julius of Memphis, Tennessee, was the chief engineer.
This school year the Radio Guild was reorganized under the direction of Father
Williams. The Engineering staff was augmented by Gus Gabriel, Nashville, Tenn.
and Dan Lavelle, C. V. S., Bourbonnais, III. Charles Ellis, Memphis, Tenn., and Bernard
La Pointe, Harvey, III., made up the Sound Department. The announcing staff added
one member, Ben Kough, Moline, III.
This year the Radio Guild included Marycrest College in its plans. Various committees to deal with the different aspects of broadcasting were set up in both institutions.
The Script Committees headed by Paul Hennessey of Iowa City at St. Ambrose
and Celestine Stevens of Ottumwa at Marycrest compiled scripts for some broadcasts, worked with department heads in compiling others, and obtained material from
professional script writing agencies for still other broadcasts; assisting Mr. Hennessey
were Dan Rafferty, Gregory Jacobs, and Joe LaCesa. Aiding Miss Stevens were
Jacqueline Bouquet, Estella Rue Bragg, Louise Klodt, Genevieve Kennedy, Lorraine
Jung, Dorothy Dalton, Phyllis Hubbard, Barbara Smith, and Johanna Young.
Top Row—Lavelle, Jackobe, Hennessey, Kautz, Gabriel, Julius, Ellis, Quinn.
Third Row—Morrissey, Gladt, Fornero, R. Gladt, Young, Kough, Lyons, Niemann,
Second Row—Jung, LaPointe, Daniels, Rafferty, Bragg, Condon, Jackson, Farrell,
First Row—Schmidt, Bragdon, Kern, Kennedy, O'Malley, Valger, Sweeney,
Spellman, Harris.




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