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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Editing OAKS
This year, 1941, brought to the campus the second issue of "OAKS", the college yearbook, and
the second publication of its nature in eighteen years. Before the first issue of "OAKS" in 1940 for
a period of time the last issue of the Quarterly was enlarged to include pictures of the graduating
class. Due to the interest caused by last year's publications of "OAKS" there was a great demand
on the part of the student body for a yearbook for this year.
Joe LaCesa, editing the Ambrosian News and Technical advisor of the Quarterly, was editor and
business manager of the 1941 "OAKS" edition and was very ably assisted by the invaluable services
of Bob Livingston as associate editor and staff artist and by John Flynn as technical advisor. Bob
Motto, editor of the Quarterly, served capably as an associate editor, while Fred Tuerk, Jack Murray,
Gene Eiseiein, Jim Quinn, and John Moore contributed greatly to the success of this year's book.
The most difficult proposition, that of raising the necessary finances for the support of this project
was ably taken care of by Al Haworth, advertising manager, assisted by Dan Rafferty and Dave Kane.
Subscriptions were handled by John Carey with the aid of Julian Halligan and Charles Bourscheidt.
The staff being-essentially the same as that of the News, the same policies might be expected to
prevail. This was evident at the start for immediately the staff searched for newer and less conventional ideas. The results were the rounding of corners on the photographs, reduction of copy to a
minimum and what is believed to be an absolute original idea, the new senior section conceived by
Jack Murray, 'editor of this section of the yearbook, which contains candid photographs of the seniors
along with the more formal portraits on the pages.
In order to get more plasticity and freedom of make-up the staff decided to use a new system of
printing—lithography. This system allows the staff to include more drawings and cartoons and gave
an opportunity for more originality.
Another feature of this year's yearbook, made possible by the adoption of lithography, was the
special paper with a wood grain finish which gives the book a richer, more luxurious appearance.




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