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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


NEWS ...
This tenth year of publication of the Ambrosian News has proved to be a very successful one both
from the standpoint of the reader and of the editorial staff. Founded in 1931, the News has progressed every year and has continued to hold one of the most prominent places in all campus activities.
With the inception of a completely new staff many innovations both in make up and in reading
matter were introduced. With the purpose in mind toward injecting a new life and interest in the
News the new staff headed by Joe LaCesa, promoted from a reportorial assistant last year, first
turned its attention to the make up and typography of the newspaper. They felt it could be made
more attractive and the first step they took was to replace the "Old English" type on the flag or title
with a more simple and modern type face. „The next step was to replace the conventional method of
head-writing with a new system of streamlined heads whose nature provided more white space and
made the News much more readable.
Not to be satisfied with merely changing the appearance of the publication, the staff in an effort
fo increase student interest and its resultant enjoyment, introduced the Hive Jive page which included such features as the Beeline, which, in the past was called Casual Comment. Its slogan,
"A Line On The Bees and Their Honies", was conscientiously adhered to and its editors sincerely tried
to get "a line" on as many students as was possible and report these things humorously as well as interestingly. An effort was made to mention as many students as possible in this column. Another feature
was Collegiate Tempo, Music Notes last year, but this year much enlarged and more complete and
interesting due to the efforts of Gene Eiseiein who edited it and chose the new name for the column.
Top Row—Eiseiein, Maas, Moore, Halliqan, Morrissey.
Second Row—Jansen, Quinn, Hession, Capraro, Tuerk, Lenoch.
Front Row—Bergthold, O'Malley, LaCesa, Livingston, Hennessey, Carey.




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