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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


Although it is with a sigh of relief that I affix my signature
to the final page of the 1961 Oaks, it has been a pleasant
and rewarding experience.
The production of this book was contingent on the generous sacrifice and co-operation of a great number of persons to whom I give a heartfelt thanks.
Miss Agnes Renner, who advised us and pulled the purse
Jim Broderick, for service above and beyond the call of
Don Newman, Bill Hochmuth, and Gracie Bucheit for
their concern and hard work on the sports, seminary,
and Mercy sections.
Bob Bistan, Business Manager, who pounded the pavements to pay for this book.
Mrs. Florence Delevere for her phenomenal picture identifying ability and willingness to aid us with it.
Dana Kellerman for his "open door policy."
Willard Anderson and the behind-the-scenes-men at Wagners Printers who did such a fine job fulfilling our
whims and following often poor instructions.
The Student Council and the various clubs for their patience at trying times.
The inhabitants of the Music Building for providing office
space and entertainment.
Our advertisers without whom this book would cost almost double.
The Business Office for their assistance.
I hope this book contained fond memories of the 1960-
1961 school year and will increase in value for you as the
years pass.

James Kluger
The Oaks 1961




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803