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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


Glee Club
The Glee Club, led by the Rev. James E. Greene, experienced
the most productive year in its history. The musical genius
and magnetic personality of Father Greene inspired near-
professional results from the group.
This year's activities included performances before the
Tri-City Symphony and the Davenport Women's Club, the
annual Christmas concert, a tour through central Illinois,
and a spring musical, "Carousel."
All Ambrosians were proud of the work of the Chorus
this year and the praise they received was well deserved.
The ambrose glee club, shown with Marycrest includes, 3rd row: D. Michalek, P. Hamilton, D. Brush, M. Seng, R. Trimble, J. Ryan, J. Denton, R. Watkins, G. Schierbrock, J. Koeppel, T. Hlubek, D. Meismer, R. Vogel, R. Brown, G. Verdun, P. McGivney, R. Simpson, T. Hogue, J. Ferris, 4th Row: N. Strohman, W. Hanson, G. Wright, G. Kaalberg, K. Kraus, V. Peterschimdt, S. West, R. Doering, J. Mazur, R. Gish, K. Smerillo, R. Plichta, C. Garrity, T. Buechele, B. Axten, M. Loefgren, D. Mott, A. Polenzani, R. Roxlau, R. Marriott, T. Joyce.




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