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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


The St. Ambrose College Concert Band, under the excellent
direction of Mr. Clarence J. Kriesa, is composed of students
from Marycrest and Ambrose. The objective of the band is
to perform on the highest possible level and to acquaint its
members with the best band literature. It also serves as a
workshop for Music Education majors. The band took a
spring tour to cities in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. This
year they were invited to appear at the N.C.M.E.A. convention in Milwaukee on May 12th.
The Band's added spirit at various athletic activities during the school year was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.
Ambrosian members shown above include, Trumpets: R. Brown, G. Kaalberg, H. Alter, J. Ferris, R. Eldred, D. Eldred, R. Vanyo, B. Robb. Clarinets: R. Gosh, G. Greene,, J. Mikesch, D. Timmermeyer, D. Genck. French Horns: T. Hlibek, K. Smerillio. Trombones: R. Buckles, C. Brown, T. Zaber, J. Goodlove, W. Flynn. Percussion: D. Lee, G. Peterschmidt, R. Hamill. Saxophones: D. Krob, M. Harmon, J. Koeppel. Baritones: R. Strawhacker, R. vogel. Bass: E. Pierce, K. Kraus, K. Sardelli.




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