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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


When something definitive is finally
said about the priest as teacher in
America, the experience of St. Ambrose will not be without its significance, and the lives of two St. Ambrose
priest-teachers now approaching the
fortieth year of service will surely be
a contributing factor in that definition.
Such is the tribute the 1961 edition
of the Oaks would like to pay to the
Very Reverend Edward M. O'Connor,
Rector of the seminary department,
and to the Reverend C. Francis Griffith, Spiritual Director of the same
Two remarkable individuals, each
in his own right, Father O'Connor and
Father Griffith have been associated
together in the minds of most Am-
brosians as "Father Ed and Father
Grif" since they joined the academy-
college faculty in 1922, immediately
after ordination.
While qualifying for the highest
competitive degrees in their fields of
scholarly competence — philosophy
and history — Fathers Ed and Grif
have never been satisfied in their interpretation of the priest-teacher vocation at St. Ambrose to limit their
daily round of duties to a narrow
speciality. In their almost forty years,
they have given generously of their
time and effort in this dual role; and
all without the view that what they
did was particularly exceptional.
Yet we know their selfless dedication and endearing personal attributes
are a living inspiration of exceptional
magnitude to student and alumnus,
layman and priest.
To Fathers O'Connor and Griffith,
with deep respect and affection, the
1961 Oaks is dedicated.




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