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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


As you look at The Oaks today, be it
1961, 1984, or 2001, it should recall
one of those years at your Alma Mater.
Just as this was one of your transition years, so too, it was a period of
growth for St. Ambrose. This decade
of the sixties brings titanic problems to
the private college. At St. Ambrose, the
challenges have been made, the problems have been recognized. This 1960-
1961 school year saw many varied
programs to meet these challenges —
maintenance of Christian principles in
a pluralistic society, continued academic
excellence, a new look in athletics, physical expansion without loss of personality, better facilities and activities for
student development.
Although the academic year 1960-
1961 was a good one for St. Ambrose,
it was not the transition year. The first
phase of a new age for the College was
born; the challenge continues.
The editors, recognizing the advancements and changes that reached fruition during this year, take as the theme
of the 1961 Oaks, Ambrose in transition; the acorn now a seedling, grows
to the mighty oak.




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