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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


The year has been high adventure. It has been like a drama upon which the final
curtain is about to descend—the drama of the founding year of Marycrest College.
It has been played with delicacy and imagination, and we await the final scene with
mingled happiness and regret.
It is a magnificent thing to found a college, to provide its spacious grounds and
beautiful buildings, its faculty and course of study. It is splendid to set for its lofty
ideals and high standards, and to help the students attain them. In these lies adventure,
and in the making of friends, the establishment of confidence, the selection of leaders,
and the founding of traditions.
Not all our traditions are new. When Msgr. Martin A. Cone addressed the student
body at the beginning of the school year, he gave us an old, old tradition—the tradition
of the good, the true, and the beautiful. It has been the foundation for the activities of
the student body throughout the year.
It is with a most affectionate regard that we dedicate the following pages to Mother
Geraldine and the members of the faculty. We have much for which to thank you.
We thank you for your interest and affection. It has been the constant and unwearying.
We thank you for the opportunity of hearing celebrated artists, for many pleasant
convocations, for opportunities in the arts. We appreciate your interest in our clubs and
class activities; we are grateful for student government, for kindness and liberality, for
the dignity your sponsorship lends our social activities. We thank you especially for the
private counsel that has been given us in the pursuit of our two-fold objective—culture
and service.
This first year at Marycrest will always be warmly remembered.




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