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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


In an attempt to develop golf teams of the
calibre of those a couple of years ago the athletic
department this year signed Joe Von Maur, one
of St. Ambrose's golfing greats, to take over the
reins of the linksters. In 1937 and 1938 Tommy
Coleman, Verne Link, Mike Link, Bernie Balluff,
Joe Von Maur, and Clem Trapkus gave the Bees
one of the most formidable golfing combinations
in the mid-west. Von Maur and Trapkus had both
been Iowa titlists and the other three had won
local honors.
After the graduation of these golfers the sport
was allowed to lag but was revived this year
with greater enthusiasm than ever. Von Maur was
able to book matches with many of the outstanding schools in this section.
Fred Weaver, Bob Kane, Ben Kough, and Louie
Berger were selected by Von Maur to comprise
the Saint squad and gave a good account of
themselves throughout the schedule.
With the advent of the new coaching staff the
athletic department decided to install a new track
coach, Carl Teufel, whose duty it was to develop
Bee track teams and put them on a basis with the
other representatives of the school. Teufel himself
was one of Davenport High school's greatest runners and along with his brother continued his success at the University of Iowa.
He took over the cinder track post in March and
immediately was met by the largest turnout of
track aspirants in some time. He booked meets with
Monmouth, Cornell, Augustana, and Dubuque. His
team was invited to meet the University of Iowa
relay squads in an exhibition race; it participated
in the Drake and the Beloit relays; he took a team
to the Iowa Conference meet and also to the Viking
Al Haworth, the only 1939 letterman, Jack Case,
Paul Damos, Chris Swanson, Nick Kerasiotis, Pat
Manning, and Jim Morgan were the outstanding
performers for the thin-clads during the season.




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