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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Larry "Moon" Mullins, one of Notre
Dame's greatest fullbacks, succeeded
Wilfred "Dukes" Duford this spring
when the latter left St. Ambrose after
a great nine year regime to assume
the head coaching position at St. Louis
Mullins was the head coach at St
Benedict, Atchison, Kansas, for several
years during the athletic rise of that
institution. He left the Kansas school
to take over the coaching reins of
Loyola of the South in 1937, but he
was left high and dry last year when
Loyola dropped football.
When Duford announced that he
would leave St. Ambrose a flood of applications poured in from all sections
of the middle-west. Mullins' bid was
one of the first received and he had
the inside track on the job from the
very first. His toughest job this year
was the installation of the Notre
Dame type of play to replace the Warner system used under Duford.
Almost as soon as he signed his own
contract "Moon" Mullins chose James
Dockery as his assistant. Mullins
spoke so highly of the youth that the
Rev. T. V. Lawlor quipped that if
Dockery were as good as painted by
Mullins he should be signed as head
coach and "Moon's" own contract
should be torn up.
Dockery graduated from St. Benedict's in 1938 after having played four
years under the tutelage of Mullins.
He was an all-round athlete and was
named on mythical All-Kansas teams
in both football and basketball.
After his graduation in 1938 Dockery was signed as head coach of football, basketball, and baseball at Ward
High School in Kansas City. He secured his release from that position in
order to serve at St. Ambrose under
Mullins. Besides coaching basketball
and assisting with football and track,
Dockery acts in the capacity of a
physical education instructor in the
college department.




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