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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Back in the fall of 1931 a brand new edition of football made its appearance
on the athletic stage at St. Ambrose. At the head of the show, where he was
to remain for nine prosperous years, was Wilfred J. "Dukes" Duford, the Saints'
brand new coach from St. Mary's, Kansas. No story or article concerning St.
Ambrose football would be complete without a few words about the feats of
Duford, who, from 1931-1940, rolled up one of the most amazing coaching records in the annals of football mentors.
When Duford took over the reins at St. Ambrose the Bee supporters were
down in spirits because the Saints had just completed one of their most disastrous seasons. It was in 1930 that St. Ambrose took on several big-time
opponents and the results proved that the Locust street athletes were not quite
ready. Bringing with him half a dozen of his outstanding stars from St. Mary's,
Duford performed a complete reversal of form and St. Ambrose had one of its
most successful grid seasons. The record at the end of the 1931 campaign
showed nine victories against a single defeat.
The next year saw the Duford-coached squad continue its winning ways
with only one set-back as against 5 wins and 2 draws. On the percentage
basis "Dukes" experienced his most lean season in 1933 as his team ended the




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