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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Under thy name, under thy patronage,
We live and study out our college days.
And now we raise one mighty voice to give
Thy blessed name a sounding ring of praise.
Saint Ambrose! Let the heavens bear our cry
To thee, and past thee, to His lofty throne.
Saint Ambrose! Hear the praises of thy sons,
And bless each one and take him for thy ovjn.
Thy kind and watchful heart, through all the years
Has lent the aid of heaven to our toil.
We laid our cares and problems in thy hands,
We tendered all our matters to thy care,
And we have found thee generous and loyal.
Christ's teachings on their tongues and in their pens,
Christ's holiness about their sainted heads.
We pray thee, Ambrose, to hold fast our hand,
That time may never see the two unwed.
And as thy trees, the Oaks, have towered high
From tiny acorns planted long ago,
So, with thy Masters and thy own good grace
Shall this thy college cultivate and grow.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803