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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Rafferty, Morris, Hitchcock, Riley, Henkel, Higgins, Shekleton, Hade
Bottom Row: Clarke, Nunamaker, V., Petersen, D., Struck, O'Connor, R., Hartman,
Ryan, W., Moore
The Quarterly is a literary publication produced by the students of St. Ambrose and Marycrest colleges. This year it was published every quarter, in
October, December, March, and May, as has been the custom for the past
eighteen years.
However, this year's edition was completely different from the first issue
that appeared eighteen years ago. The four issues were printed on a different
kind of paper with a completely new make-up. The Quarterly averaged about
fifty-five pages and had a circulation of over six thousand.
This year's Quarterly was strictly literary, short stories, poems, and non-
fiction articles making up the contents. The News relieved the Quarterly
of its journalistic duties and it dropped the class pictures and the graduate
section which qualified it as an annual.
The Quarterly was strictly a student project with the Rev. A. J. Burke, in
his role of censor and advisor as the only faculty member engaged in the
magazine's production. William Ryan, Clinton senior, served his second
straight year as editor of the publication. LeRoy Bergthold had charge of
circulation, Edmund Sheridan was the business manager, and Tom Hade was
the technical adviser.
As an incentive to student writers Ryan was able to secure two cash awards,
one for the best short story submitted, and one for the best article. Before his
death the late A. L. Hageboeck, M.D. gave the award each year. This year
the Rev. T. V. Lawlor and Frank Gordon, of the Purcell Printing company,
each gave a $25 award. The announcement of the award produced the desired effect and the office of the editor was beseiged with stories and articles
which showed no little literary talent.




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