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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Smith, Ryan, W. Hansen, J., Grannis
Middle Row: Manning, Shekleton, Eiselein, O'Brien
Bottom Row: Hade, Stevens, Petersen, D., Conley, Moore
section appeared everything labeled, "Academic" namely, individual pictures
of members of the senior class and group pictures of the junior, sophomore,
and freshman classes.
The Fine Arts group comprised the third section and included pictures and
facts about the Music Department, the Radio Guild, Dramatics, and the
Department of Speech. "Publications" was the title of section four, and it included just what the name implies. Sections five and six were devoted to
clubs and athletics respectively. Much the same procedure was followed in
the make-up of the Marycrest supplement.
Raising the necessary finances was the most difficult proposition confronting the staff. The co-operation of the Student Council in this matter was invaluable. Several sources of revenue had to be found in addition to the subscriptions of the students and the faculty. Local advertisers were most generous in subscribing to the book, as were the numerous friends of the college
who were listed as patrons. Various campus organizations contributed to the
fund, which was also swelled to some extent by means of two sweater dances
given in the LeClaire gym.




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