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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Literary Editor William M. Ryan
Staff Artist Robert Livingston
"Oaks" of 1940 is the first
yearbook to appear on the St.
Ambrose campus since 1923.
At that time the yearbook was
a combination of an annual, and the present News and Quarterly. It last appeared seventeen years ago and no definite steps were taken for its revival
until last fall.
Tom Hade, editor of the Ambrosian News, was the editor and business
manager of the 1940 edition; Art Moore, sports editor of the News, was
assistant and sports editor of the book; Joseph Shekleton, associate editor of
the News, was the assistant business manager; Pat Manning was the circulation manager; and Dorothy Petersen was the women's editor.
Early in October the staff conducted a poll on the campus to test the interest
in an annual and more than three hundred students agreed to subscribe to
the 1940 edition. As the year went on numerous other subscriptions came in
from various quarters.
Later on the staff conceived the idea of including Marycrest college in the
book. Many of the girls attending the new girls' school had been students
at St. Ambrose before the opening of Marycrest. Another reason for including
the girls' school was to change the conception that St. Ambrose and Marycrest are separate institutions since they are both members of a corporate unit.
The staff decided that about one hundred and fifty pages would make a
book with which the students would be pleased and Hade proposed to divide
the book into six sections, that is, the St. Ambrose portion of the annual. The
first of these sections included individual pictures of the administration officers
and members of the faculty and was entitled "Administration." In the second




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