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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Shekleton, Moore, Ryan, W., Bergthold
Middle Row: Sullivan, W., Allen, S., Livingston, Grannis, O'Malley
Bottom Row: Hade, Kausal, Clapp, Klein, Quinn
One of the really important events on the St. Ambrose campus is the weekly appearance of the Ambrosian News. Founded in 1931, the paper has been
edited every Thursday since that time and has come to hold a most prominent
place in all campus activities.
During the 1939-1940 school year the edition continued to maintain the
high standards set by previous volumes and in a great many ways the latest
issues surpassed all earlier efforts. The staff this year managed to win for the
fifth consecutive year a high place among collegiate papers.
Editor of the News for the second consecutive year was Tom Hade, a senior
from Chicago. Hade served as a department head for two years before assuming the editorship in his junior year. Associate editors this year were
Joseph Shekleton, who was promoted after writing news stories last year,
and Jay Kane, who wrote a column last year.
Like Hade, Art Moore, sports editor, is another veteran newsman. He was
department head and a columnist in his first two years, associate editor in
his junior year, and sports editor this year. Business manager for the News
was Edmund Sheridan.
The front page of the News this year was primarily devoted to news stories
and feature stories. The second page contained the editorials and several
columns including Casual Comment, Editor's Notes, Vox Campus, and Music
Notes. The third and fourth pages were devoted to sports; the fifth and
sixth sheets being used for carry-overs from the news page.
In addition to its editorial duties the News entered into the promotional
field by sponsoring an intra-mural basketball tournament and an intra-mural
softball meet.




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