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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Daniel J. Youngerman and Joseph C. McCaffrey were given honorary
sweaters by the club for their efforts in aiding in the improvement of the
organization during the past three years.
Officers of the club for the past year were Marvin Craine, president; John
McConville, vice-president; Bob Carton, secretary-treasurer; James Oakey
and Al Haworth, sergeants-at-arms. The Rev. G. A. Lilhs was the faculty
adviser of the unit.
The Monogram Club held its first spring formal early in April and admittance was restricted to members of the club, active or inactive, to which
mv tatons were extended. Some fifty couples attended the aance at which
ack Manthey and his orchestra furnished the musio Earlier in the school
year the club sponsored a sweater dance in the LeClaire gym which was
attended by nearly six hundred friends of the club.
Earlv in May the letter-winners gave their fourth annual presentation of
Monogram Madness. The show was inaugurated by Daniel J. Youngerman
four years ago and grew so popular that this year all attendance records
were broken. The high spot in the production was the dancing of the to
of eiaht of the Monogrammers, coached in their intricate routines by Anita
Casper Comedy skits of all types, a seemingly insane corps of ushers, and
a number of monologues furnished the remainder of the entertainment which
drew more than a thousand people to the Ambrosian Theater.
A picnic held at Credit Island late in May was the last project by the
Monogram Madness




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