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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Love, Oakey, McConville, Adlfinger, Berger, Cox, Brinn
Middle Row: Adrounie, McGivern, Clunan, Farrell, Schnieder, Niedergeses
Bottom Row: Goodrich, Liens, Rafferty, McCoimick, Kausal, Tuerk, Rohling
The youngest organization on the campus is the Sociology Club, formed
under the faculty supervision of the Rev. Frank Williams, C.S.V., and the Rev.
William Collins, both professors in the social science department. Officers
of the club include, Bob McCormick, Clinton, Iowa senior, as president; Benedict Kausal, Chicago senior, as vice-president; and Jimmy Niedergeses, Law-
erenceburg, Tennessee, as treasurer.
The group brought a number of men prominent in sociological fields to the
campus during the course of the year. One of the best talks was given by
Joseph Allen, district manager of the Iowa Social Security Board. He discussed
pertinent problems concerning old age insurance and assistance.
The sociologists opened their social activities with a banquet held at the
Blackhawk Hotel early in February. Combining business with pleasure the
club invited two well-known local speakers to attend the affair. Floyd C.
Parke, general manager of the Iowa State Employment Service, spoke on Unemployment Compensation, while John P. Teisen, senior personnel representative of the same bureau, discussed employment service with regard to local
The members of the club took a field trip early in March in the form of a
visit to several local institutions for the insane in order to study the causes
and effects of such conditions.
To the Sociology Club goes the credit for presenting one of the outstanding radio programs of the year on the Ambrose of the Air Hour. Shortly
after the program had been aired Father Williams received from the Federal
Security Agency a request for a copy of the script used. The copy was sent
to Information Service of the government board in Washington. Father Collins
assisted in the preparation of the script, with Gene Gould and John Flynn
also contributing to the write-up.




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