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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


One of the newest, but already one of the most influential organizations
on the campus, is the Social Science club. The unit was formed under the
faculty direction of J. Ryan Beiser during the school year of 1939 and its membership the first year was composed primarily of history majors. During the
second year of its existence, however, the club expanded to a great degree
and its roster showed representatives from all divisions of the Social Science
The formation of the Social Science club had a two-fold purpose. The first
was cultural, attempting to give the members an appreciation of their social
inheritance and an understanding of contemporary society. To this end the
origin, development, and present status of our social structure was discussed
by various speakers, student and guest talkers. Proper emphasis was laid
on current problems in the different areas of social life, and also on the
means and technique of improving conditions in those areas. The constructive thought of the Catholic Church, especially as is disclosed by Papal
Encyclicals, was given proper place in the diagnosis and solution of present-
day problems.
The second aim was directed toward preparation for specialized training
in social work on a professional level. Currently, genuine opportunity has
been developing in the field of social security, and an exhaustive study of
the topic was made by the club.
The Social Scientists' chief bid for campus fame was made when they
won first prize in the Homecoming parade by entering the best float. Their
entry was in the form of a football player, representing St. Thomas, the Homecoming opponent, being pursued by a swarm of Bees.
Top Row: Hart, Nunamaker, N., Young, Moore
Bottom Row: Walsh, Hansen, J., Lien, Donovan, Cummins




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