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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Ellis Franck, D., Ewers, Schnitger, Robinson, Meinhardt
Middle Row: Sacco, Calkins, Burnette, Ryan, J. H., Young, O'Connor, E., McGuire
Bottom Row: Franck, R., Love, Adrounie, Spellman, LaCesa, Shekleton, Goodrich,
The Science Club was organized for the purpose of enabling interested
students of the Division of Natural Sciences to obtain a knowledge of science
by engaging in extra-curricular activities.
Robert C. Frank, a junior student, served as president of the organization
during the 1939-1940 school year. Donald Cluskey and lack Edwards fulfilled
the offices of vice-president and secretary-treasurer respectively. In the election of officers the group followed a rule passed in 1939 making only junior
students eligible to hold office.
The Rev. L. A. Rohret, head of the engineering department, served his first
term this year as faculty advisor of the unit. He succeeded the Rev. G. A.
Lillis who served in that capacity for several years.
Meetings of the club are held bi-monthly and comprise talks by members
and outside speakers associated with different branches of science. A prime
objective of the club is the diffusion and development of scientific attitudes
among the members. To attain this objective it is necessary to interpret for
the students the technical achievements of specialists in the varied fields.
To realize this aim the members of the club listened to lectures given by
several speakers long-renowned in their particular fields. Bi-monthly seminars,
particularly among the students of biology, proved very stimulating to the
In addition to their seminars and lectures the scientists conducted a number
of field trips during the fall and spring seasons. One of the more important
of these trips was one to Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin. This
particular region was selected by the geologists in the club because of its
exceptionally high bluffs and the ancient rocks located there which offer
a wealth of material for geological study.




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