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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


The purpose of "Le Cercle Francois" is to promote the cultural and practical advantages of the French language. Under the direction of the Reverend
Leo C. Sterck, faculty advisor of the unit, this organization has grown rapidly
within the past few years. The untiring efforts of Father Sterck and several
individual students were almost entirely responsible for making "Le Cercle"
one of the outstanding campus organizations this year.
Meetings of the club were held once a month. The business of these meetings was carried on as much as possible in the French language. In addition to the ordinary business carried on at the gatherings certain programs
were planned for each meeting. The programs were on some phase of French
literature, art, or travel, in the form of lectures, discussions, plays, or reviews
presented by individual members or outside speakers. Several outstanding
students of the French language and customs appeared before the members of
,lLe Cercle" during the past year.
The St. Ambrose club is affiliated with the Quad-City French Organization
of which Ben Kough, a St. Ambrose student, is the president. In conjunction
with this group "Le Cercle" has sponsored a number of programs intended
to bring local French units into closer connection with each other for the
purpose of aiding the entire group of clubs.
Students interested in dramatics took part in the French play, a yearly
project of the club. This year a recorded version of the opera "Faust" was
presented for the benefit of the musical-minded members of the unit, and for
the general public. Another of the more important projects of the group was
the editing of L'Ambrosiastre; a monthly bulletin published by the members
under the direction of the editor, Joseph La Cesa. William Ryan was this
year's president of the club.
Top Row: Aquilani, Mulvihill, Keough, Monnier, McGuire, Meinhardt, Moore
Middle Row: Farley, Walsh,l^erminez, Sosnouski, O'Connor, e. Langan, Clarke
Bottom Row: Donovan, Young, Harmon, Ryan, Hansen, J., LaCesa, Blough




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