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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Damos, Yunker, Smith, Gelwicks, Esterbrooks
Playing a great part in the athletic successes at St. Ambrose is the spirit
of support shown by the student body and the friends of the college. The
backing given all athletic teams at St. Ambrose has long been an object of
edification at the Locust street school.
Greatly responsible for the mental spirit of the crowds is the Bee cheer-
leading staff, headed by Hal Smith. Smith, in his second year as a cheerleader, rounded up a corps this year comparable to that of any previous
year. His staff included Warren Yunker, another veteran, Paul Damos, Paul
Gelwicks, and Bob Easterbrook.
When Marycrest college opened last fall the co-eds left St. Ambrose thus
robbing the cheer-leading corps of the only two girl leaders in its history,
Alice Sebesta and Carol Sobek. Honorary letters were given to the group
at the end of their year's chores.





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