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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: McCormick, Rafferty, O'Connor, T., Johnston, T., Higgins, Manning
Middle Row: Oakey, Stopulos, Clarke, Goodrich, McConville, Sacco
Bottom Row: Kennedy, G., Brashaw, Petersen, D., Petersen, V., Miller, Kennedy, E.,
Sebesta, Hubbard
This group is open to all students who may be interested in any phase of
practical dramatics, whether it be acting or activity as a stage hand. Experience in all phases of play production is offered to the student body because
the productions given by the group are completely student productions. The
correct methods and techniques of stage work and acting, of course, are given
through faculty direction and members of the dramatic production classes.
All of the scenery and effects are developed by this group for. the different
presentations of the year. The actors themselves are under the very capable
direction of Daniel J. Youngerman, professor of speech and dramatics. The
primary aim of organizing such a group is to give something of value to the
student rather than to present only perfect performances. Of course, a commendable performance is striven for but only in conjunction with the activity
as of value to the students as individuals and a body.
It is the desire of the Players to present two, and possibly three, plays during
each school year. The first of these is usually a comedy, very often adapted
from a famous Broadway show. The second presentation follows heavier lines




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