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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


In Memoriam
The Rt. Rev. A. J. Schulte, first president of St. Ambrose, died at a time when
his college was opening a new era in the history of its progress. He had
guided the school through those early, difficult years; he had opened a new
Catholic college to the public when the first section of Ambrose Hall was
constructed. Then, from his deanery in Iowa City, he followed the physical
expansion of his old charge, and the rise of its scholastic standards. Now,
when we have completed the plans for a greater St. Ambrose, and have
seen the dream of Monsignor Schulte and his successors reach immediate
realization, the man who would have enjoyed most this further blessing has
been called to his eternal home.
Fifty-eight years of service was his life's offering to God and his fellow
men. The son of Joseph and Maria Schulte of Fort Madison, Monsignor
Schulte was born on Sept. 17, 1858. His first school days were spent at St.
Mary's parochial school in the city of his birth. He attended St. Joseph's
academy at Dubuque, where he began his preparations for the holy priesthood. The remainder of his clerical education was taken at St. Francis
Seminary, Milwaukee, and St. John's College, Collegeville, Minnesota.
Having completed a splendid scholastic career, he was ordained in Davenport on December 28, 1881. His character, mental qualities and personality
influenced the authorities, despite his youthfulness, to put him at the head
of the new diocesan college. St. Ambrose prospered under his guidance for
several years, until he was transferred to St. Mary's at Iowa City in 1907.
Twenty years later, with a lifetime of service already behind him, and two
decades of continued labor ahead, he received the title of the Monsignori
from his Holy Father, Pius XI. Further honor was bestowed on him when,
four years later, he was raised to the rank of protonotary apostolic.
He has been called from his earthly post, but his great spirit, joined now
with his patron, Saint Ambrose, watches over the college beloved to them
both. Monsignor Schulte has benefited St. Ambrose in the past; we increase
our debt to him by seeking new aid through his intercession.




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