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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Friendship molds boo\s and buildings, students and professors, into a living, spiritual
institution. One professor—a priest who spent his last two years at St. Ambrose as our
president—was especially gifted with a faculty for making friends among the students.
His contribution was greater than mere scholastic or executive accomplishment, for he
gave his personality to the character of the college, and he raised the name of St. Am*
brose to new heights with the enlightening influence of his exemplary career.
Our memory of splendid victories and unbro\en records, of mighty teams and ex-
ultant cheers is enriched by the picture of three coaches whose names will be legendary
at St. Ambrose when their great teams have been forgotten. They have given us a tradition in athleticism, and the scores of intimate friends whom they left at St. Ambrose
will ever support the standards which they established. It is with profound sincerity
and appreciation that this initial OAKS is . . .




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