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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Donohoe last October. Mr. Donohoe
was a student at St. Ambrose about 1910,
but is now located at Des Moines.
Benjamin Reidy, Academic '13, has recently been appointed a captain in the
Marine corps. He is stationed at Haiti in
the West Indies.
Dr. Thomas Cunningham of the Academic class of '15 is now practicing dentistry in Davenport.
Lt. Glyden McMeel, formerly an Academic student, is at present stationed at
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Francis Harrison, '10, was appointed
lieutenant and stationed at Camp Zachary
Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, after the
armistice was signed.
Frank Healey of Muscatine, Iowa, was stationed at Camp Pike during
most of his time in the service. There he was a player on both the football
and baseball teams of the cantonment.
Lieutenant Raymond Crowley, Academic '13, was military instructor
of the 59th Field Artillery at Camp Jackson. His brother, Walter Crowley,
commercial '09, is at the present writing with the 23d Engineers at Langree,
Ralph Brassil, '16, and Miss Ola Wilkerson were married in February
at Nashville, Tennessee. They are now living in Florence, Alabama. Mr.
Brassil formerly resided in Keokuk, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin, Com. '02, of Keokuk are the parents of a
daughter born during the last year.
Just as we go to press the news
reaches us that Lee J. Dougherty has been
elected mayor of Davenport. Lately he has
been in charge of the Guaranty Life Insurance here in the city and is well known
as one of the ablest and most competent
men of Davenport. This, his appointment
to such a high office of trust, is one of the
highest honors that has ever come to his
Alma Mater.
Clement Bireline, '15, lately played with
the 36th Division football team which is
recognized as the best team in the army, at
the game played at Paris recently to decide
the championship of the American army.




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