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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


From Chicago comes the news that
Chas. Gibbons, a college student of 1905,
and formerly of Keokuk, was forced to experience the loss of his wife during the influenza rage. We know that all Alumni,
especially his former class-mates, feel for
him in this, his hour of sorrow.
Rev. Martin Cone has been taking an
advanced course in Sociology during the
last year. Father Cone will be one of our
most valued teachers next year, as he has
specialized in the above named branches
at Columbia University, at the Catholic
University of America and at Iowa University.
Rev. Thomas Donohoe, College 1911,
professor of philosophy, Is taking an intensive course in the same work, at the
Catholic University of Washington, this
David Klise, ex-'16, Ambrose ex-'16,
and John Egan ex-'12, are students of
theology at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md.
Thomas Wolfe, College '18, who left us over a year ago, is now in Giev-
ers, France, with the 65th U. S. Engineers.
In February, 1919, William Herbold, '08,
of Colfax, Iowa, was married to Miss Mary
Maher of the same place. Congratulations.
To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Barnes of
Reynolds, Illinois, was born a son, Robert
Thomas, last October. Mr. Barnes was in the
commercial department in 1912.
One of the most honorable names among
our Alumni is that of Commander Dr. J. E.
Gill, of the U. E S. Brooklyn, Asiatic Fleet.
Commander Gill has received the war cross
for bravery in service in Siberia and is now
en route to the Philippines. He is a graduate
of the commercial department of St. Ambrose, of Wyoming High School, and of the
Catholic University of Washington, D. C. We
note his strides upward with pride that his
Alma Mater may include him among her
many illustrous children.
Mark Healy and Richard Lee, Academic
16, are attending Iowa University. The for-
walter crowley mer *s takfag medicine, the latter liberal arts.




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