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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


William Hughes, a member of the Academic Class of 1917, who was
with us for so long, and for a few months was First Prefect of Discipline,
left during the Winter months to join the Congregation of the Passion.
For a short time he was at the Preparatory School at Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohfe), but was later sent to the Noviatiate at Louisville, Ky. His
present address is Sacred Heart Retreat, Newburg Road, Louisville, Ky.
John Gimbel, of the same class, is at the Redemptorist College at
Kirkwood, Missouri. He has yet another year before entering the Noviatiate of the Redemptorist Fathers. The desire for the religious life is
strong in this class, as has been shown.
Anthony Wallace, College, '18, and Joseph Flynn, Academic, '18, are
time keepers at Bettendorf, Iowa.
Frank Coonan, the well known athlete of the 'Varsity teams of '16,
'17, '18, was married, Thanksgiving Day, to Miss Shanley, of Davenport.
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Chas. Donohoe. James Goodall, another Alumnus of St. Ambrose, was best man.
Dr. and Mrs. Roscoe Carney are the parents of a son, born December
6,1918, at Mercy Hospital.
John C. Higgins, Academic, '04, was appointed Police Magistrate of
Davenport, March 1, 1919. He was in an automobile accident some time
ago and has since been in poor health.
Rev. John Cash, College, '14, has been forced by ill health to retire to
his home at Holbrook, Iowa. We hope that he will soon be sufficiently
recovered to be back at the work, which he studied so long to perform.
William Hynes, College, '14, formerly a captain in the United States
Army, stationed in the Canal Zone, was discharged on Easter.
Mark Devlin, College, '18, has been stationed at the Naval Reserve
Station, at Bangor, Me. During the season of 1918 he managed the football
team of the Station. Mark showed great ability as a football player while
at St. Ambrose, and was one of the wearers of the Blue and White to make
the All-Conference Team.




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