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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Inspector of Smokes—"Well, then give me a match."
Keeper of the Cuspidors—"What are you going to do with it?"
Inspector of Smokes (sarcastically)—"Why, commit arson of course."
Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Say, guy, you're pretty fresh. Where d'ye
blow in from?"
Inspector of Smokes—"Camel's Island is my home town."
I Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Sounds good. Got any of 'em on you ?"
Inspector of Smokes—"Sure have, want one?"
,;" Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Bring 'em on. Never did refuse one."
(Lights up.)
ACT III—Place, same.
Warden—"Prefect' the Keeper of the Cuspidors is violating a rule of
Prefect—"If so, what is it?"
Prefect—In what manner?
Warden—"Why, he is lighting a 'Camel' obtained from the Inspector."
Prefect—"Both men come forward." (They do.)
PrefecWGuilty or not guilty?" Inspector of Smokes—"What do you care? It's none of your business
anyway, I don't see why we can't."
Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Say, guy. Here's one for you. Take it
and shut up."
(Hands out a Camel.)
Prefect—"You can't pull anything like that and get by with it. D'ye
get me. Warden, bring on the paddling machine." (Barrel lined with nails.)
ACT IV—Place, same.
Prefect—"Get on the inside of that machine, both of you, and be
quick about it."
Inspector of Smokes and Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Oh, no. Nothin'
doin\ Nothin' like that for us."
Prefect—"Members, come forth and start the machine."
(All rush forward and lay hands on Inspector of Smokes and Keeper of
the Cuspidors.)
'b v Inspector of Smokes—"Lay off, or I'll paralyze some of you!"
Keeper of the Cuspidors—"I'm with you. Let's clean house."
Prefect—"Well, if you're going to get funny, get up and report."
Inspector of Smokes and Keeper of the Cuspidors—"It's all the same to
us. The M. D. isn't afraid of us."
_ ACT V—M. D.'s Office
M. D.—"Well, what brings you here ?"
' Inspector of Smokes and Keeper of the Cuspidors—"We want to report
for setting fire to a 'Camel'.
' .J: M. D.—"A Camel ? What do you mean ?"
7* Keeper of the Cuspidors—"Oh—urn—you know, a cigarette."
M* D.—"I see. Hereafter you both can serve as decorations in the
Latin Study Hall on Wednesday afternoons. (Exit.)
And that confounded "Camel" was the cause of it all.




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