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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


That durned old lazy f eelin'
That gits yer in the Spring,
When the robin starts to twitter
And the medder-lark to sing.
It's then that you're so blamed tired,
That the work don't do a thing.
When that durned old lazy feelin'
Comes ter get yer in the Spring.
You could sit and rest the hull day
While the "hammer" down the road,
Is a peckin' and a peckin'
And at night a dog-gone toad
Comes a hoppin' round, and then, sir,
When you don't do nary thing,
You're sure got the lazy feelin'
That comes 'round 'bout ev'ry Spring.
You don't give a Continental
Whether lesson's got or not.
But it's more than rather likely
You'll be out in the back lot
A diggin' for some fish-worms
To go fishin' and you'll sing.
It's a sweet old heav'nly feelin'
Comes a creepin' round in Spring.
Seems to come to ev'ry critter,
But to kids it comes the worst
You can't do a thing to stop it,—
And you wouldn't, if you bust
With the pent-up joy that's in yer,—
That strange old happy thing,
0! That grand and glorious feelin'
That comes sneakin' round in Spring.
Well it comes just once a year, sir,
And yer can't blame if it's sad
For the teachers and the parents
Who thinks it's pretty bad
If you take a short vacation
When the bluebird's on the wing.
And you love that lazy feeling
That comes stealin' 'round in Spring.
—Huck Finn,




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