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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


(For Ed Hines, March, 1919)
Oh, two is still a company
And three is yet a crowd,
And four upon the boulevard
Could never be allowed.
'Tis sweet to wander off afar,
Alone, with none to spy
Save some bright winking tiny star,
If one's sweetheart be by.
But there was ne'er a lonesomeness
Like that of yokel swain
Who third arrives unwelcomely
Where tread a lonesome twain.
So whether seven passengers
Could snugly with us ride,
When I go driving in my car
There's only one beside.
Some other day right happily
To drive you I'll be proud;
But when milady spins with me
A third would be a crowd.
When down at Griffin's daintily
We dip a daintier spoon,
An added guest, you must agree,
Would melt the ice too soon.
Why three can't be a company
Go, ask the lofty browed,
For me it is enough to see
That two are not a crowd.
Lisle Kelly: Say, Mayhew, if coal oil is the king of the oils, what is
castor oil ?
Mayhew: Queen of the movies.
Aggie (at the junior football game): Why I don't see any cripples?
Burke: Of course not; what did1 you expect?
Aggie: Well, where are the quarter backs and the half backs that
were to play ?




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