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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


IN Baseball, as in Basketball, the Midgets have a team that
any other aggregation their size may do well to hold to a low
score let alone conquer. While in Basketball they were
forced to bow to superior weight, no such advantage proved
victorious over them on the diamond. The star battery of
Murphy and Crowe, was enough to cause their opponents to
tremble with fear. While the ever fatal bats of Leahy, O'Neil, Morrisey
and Powers proved the undoing of several highly reputed teams.
The initial battle was with a "Daydodger" nine, who were able to do
but little with the expert teamwork of the "Baby Ambrosians." Two easy
victories over "Bruhn's Stars" then followed, and then came the surprising
triumph over the "Cork Hill Sluggers."
Although the season has not yet been completed, it is our opinion that
when the entire schedule has been fulfilled, the Midgets will have set a
record which any of their successors may do well to equal.




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