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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Junior baseball
LOPPING off the old heads is Father Adrian's favorite diversion, so no one was surprised when he barred all new candidates who were over 16 years old from his Junior baseball
squad. There were no high school opponents in the field, so
the coach did not deem a representative Academy team
In spite of this rule several promising players were found to plug up
the holes left by Lew, Burden, Murphy and Nhare. Dorgan gained a tight
hold on first base early in the season, while Coughlin earned a berth at
second and both Mack and Jerry Woeber were found to be as strong as
their predecessors in the outfield.
The other positions were filled by veterans. Phelan and McGivern
played their third season as battery mates, and were easily the star men
of the team. "Mac" seldom got into a hole that he could not pull himself
out of, and on the few occasions that he did, "Packy" would smooth things
over by cool, clear headwork. Eddie Woeber did some very effective work
on the mound, although he was rated as the "second-stringer." He is developing wonderfully during the present season and should be a "Cracker-jack" for next Spring.
O'Donnell played an exceptionally fine game at short. He was by far
tho most daring of the Junior inlteldcrs, and would have been the star man
of the team if his hitting had been on a par with his fielding. Liwle?
played a fine game at third, the most difficult of all the infield positions,
while an almost daily improvement could be noticed in the work of Coughlin
at second.
Woeber brothers, Mack, Schoenfelder and Barnes reigned supreme
in the outfield, while Moos was pinch-hitter and utility man.




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