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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


GLIDING along smoothly and annexing victory after victory
the Midgets completed a basketball season of which they may
well be proud. Although they played but five games all were
good ones and held the interest of the spectators quite as much
as did those of their older brothers—the Juniors. During
the entire season they met but one reverse and this was at
the hands of the much larger and heavier Cedar Rapids "Y" aggregation.
They met and defeated, too, such teams as the Davenport and Rock Island
Y. M. C. A.'s and while a "Daydodger" five gave them a hard battle they
were unable to cope with the speedy passes and the dazzling formations
which the "Baby Ambrosians" displayed.
In the opening tilt they handed the bitter pill of defeat to a quintet
known as the "West Ends" by an 18 to 2 count, while in the following battle
they trimmed a local "Y" five by almost as decisive a score.
It was in the curtain raiser to the Junior-Cedar Rapids game, with the
Rock Island "Y," however, that the little fellows demonstrated their true
worth, by presenting the visitors with the short end of the score, to the
tune of 20 and 11. A hard fought game with a "Daydodger" team followed
this, and then came the fast and experienced team from Cedar Rapids for
the concluding battle and only defeat of the season.
There is one advantage which the Midgets have had over nearly all
their opponents, not only last season but in every season since their organization, and that is expert coaching. This has always been their main asset,
and it is only fair to say that they may attribute the cause of their victories
over much larger and older rivals to Father Adrain—the Junior and Midget
coach. As has often been said of him Father Adrain does not know how to
lose, simply, because through his skillful coaching defeat has been a
stranger to him, and he has in but very few instances had a chance to
become acquainted with it.
And so, with baseball now occupying the minds of Midget and Junior
athletes, the gym, the swishes of the net, and the hotly fought battles
have passed out of the minds of all, but when a new season comes around,
and a new Midget five is formed, they will do well, if after an entire season
they can look back and say, "We were the equals of the boys of 19."




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