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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


After a heart-breaking first half, in which somebody seemed to have
gotten the basketball rules mixed with those for mumble-peg or tiddle-de-
winks, the Juniors made a brave attempt to overtake the Swedes, but
Father Time intervened while they were a basket behind.
At the "Y" the next night, the Adrianites went against Davenport
marked for defeat before the game began, but by half time they sprung
the surprise of the season. The score was seven up when the half ended
and the Juniors had led all the way. With Lintz taking the place of McLain at guard, they played a remarkable game and finished with the High
School leading by a 24-18 score after throwing a scare into the Red and
Blue following several times by unexpected rallies.
With the Tri-City'championship lost by a trick of fate, the Juniors
settled down for two weeks of hard practice before the second Davenport
game. They gave Geneseo a decisive beating at the end of the first week,
and by the time second Saturday rolled around, were ready to put up the
tilt of their lives.
The greatest crowd that ever witnessed a basketball game in Davenport assembled that night, and waited impatiently for the referee's whistle.
The Juniors gained a momentary lead but were unable to hold it long.
Through the whole first half the score was on a teeter-totter, and at the end
of that session the visitors had a two point lead. The High held the lead
through the greater part of the second half. Time and time again the
Juniors would rush things, without cutting down that two point handicap,
which seemed so small, yet so big. As usual it was Fottral who rose to the
occasion. With a mighty effort he dribbled under the high hoop and rang
up the basket that made the score a tie. A few seconds later he slipped in
another, and from that moment the game was on ice. The Saintlings continued at their fast clip, so that the score stood 31-21 at the finish.
The 1919 Junior Basketballers were probably "the greatest of all."
The squad consisted of McLain (Capt.), Fottral, Lew, Coughlin, Lintz, Cos-
fello, Allar, Moos, Schoenfelder, Vass, P. Kelly, DeCressey, Gannon, and
Juniors 46
Juniors 54
Juniors 49
Juniors 27
Juniors 22
Juniors 19
Juniors 16
Juniors 18
Juniors 44
Juniors 44
Juniors 31
Juniors 46
East Moline 9
Oxford 3
Sterling 6
Tipton 15
Cedar Rapids 24
Peoria 42
Moline 18
Davenport 24
Maquoketa 14
Geneseo 10
Davenport 21
Tipton 20




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